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Who is the Phoenix Resourcing Group?

How Much?

One size doesn't fit all.

Retained Recruiting

We will act as your recruiting team from start to finish. The Phoenix Resourcing Group will become a seamless partner in your organization which can make a huge difference in reducing labor costs. You’re no longer on the hook for all the administrative costs associated with hiring, recruiting and screening. Your company also reaps the benefit of our access to problem reducing/labor savings technologies. Phoenix resources will own your recruiting process and involve you as much or as little as you desire. Our involvement will be customized according to your needs. 

A set fee is established based on the requirement and is paid in equal installments or monthly if service is ongoing. The fee is fixed regardless of quantity and complexity of requirements. 


A container (or retingency) fee structure offers several benefits to both the firm and the client. The fee is typically divided into two parts: The first part (the ‘container’) is paid early on in the search - usually upon presentation of resumes - and the remainder of the fee is paid when the search has been successfully completed. This fee structure is flexible and the results can be more successful than a contingency search, as it can be tailored to the distinct needs of the client.

This structure provides the security of knowing you have dedicated attention to your search, and that the agency will still have a sense of urgency to find you the best fit, faster than they would in a retained model.

The first part of the set fee (the ‘container’) is paid early on in the search - usually upon presentation of resumes - and the remainder of the fee is paid when the search has been successfully completed.


Hourly Placement

Phoenix’s hourly placement option is designed for our clients.. The services provided in the hourly recruiting placement model span the full spectrum of search services from assisting in the development of job descriptions and hiring specifications to marketing, sourcing and screening through the contract execution and reference check process. You tell us what skills are needed- we provide you resources who best meet you needs. The selected resource is on "loan" to you as a contractor (long or short term),  we deal with all the backend tasks (payroll, timesheets, etc.) and your time is spent focusing on your business.

We will work closely with you to develop the appropriate hourly rate based on the position and fees are paid according to the time worked. We will keep you informed of all hours by granting access to our timekeeping application and regular reports.


Contingency Recruiting

A contingency search is entirely performance based. We only collect a fee if and when we find and place a suitable candidate for the position in question. Regardless of the number of qualified candidates put forward to you as the client, if none are hired, no fee is collected.. Therefore, this search process requires the agency to have an in-depth understanding of the client in order to find a precise candidate ‘fit’.

A set fee is established per requirement. This fee can either be a negotiated percentage of the incumbent's salary or a fixed fee per hire.


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