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Maximize your Potential!

Our suite of both traditional and digital marketing services is designed to maximize the return on each marketing dollar you spend.  We utilize comprehensive, end to end marketing strategies that identifies prospective customers, engages them, produces conversions, and maintains relationships. Whether your marketing needs require our full array of services or you only need to expand your marketing strategy to a new channel, the Phoenix Resourcing Group is able to offer industry leading marketing services.  

We bring in our decades of experience to craft a marketing strategy combining existing successes with new strategies, providing detailed analyses of advertising options and recommending the best placements and tactics to reach the target market. Our cohesive marketing plan and strategy includes:


  • Creation of a full-scale marketing plan/strategy to increase business and brand recognition

  • Identification of the marketing channels most relevant to reaching your target

  • Identification of the best media outlets for ad placement

  • Based on strategy and advertising recommendations, identification of quarterly campaigns to best reach target audience

  • Digital and traditional strategies, objectives, and tactics

  • Production calendars

  • Marketing budget suggestions

With the Phoenix Resourcing Group as your external marketing resource, you'll have more time to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Phoenix creates, manages, implements and reports on all aspects of your marketing program.  You benefit by having a staff of seasoned marketing professionals proactively manage your marketing programs and help you reach your goals.

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